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We possess one of the more unique mixes of machines and technologies in Eastern Canada. From standard capabilities such as milling and turning to more advanced ones like Wire and RAM EDM. Please take some time to scroll through a list of our equipment and contact us if you need any more information. 

Being one of the only shops East of Montreal with both RAM and Wire EDM capabilities, we are a natural choice for those looking to keep this highly specialized work close to home.


Our modern and highly capable milling machines are able to perform a wide variety of operations from heavy milling to precision engraving on virtually any material.


Our 4th Axis attachment also allows us to perform profiling and angled operations not possible on traditional 3 axis mills.

We have CNC turning capability with radial and axial live tooling, offering you expansive options for your turned pieces.

Our 5’X10’ Water Jet table is capable of accurately cutting parts out of any material.