Our unique lineup of machines allows us to cut, machine, bend and weld any material into whatever shape of form you wish. From one-off, custom parts to large production runs we can accommodate any request. ​


Our top of the line MIG and TIG welding machines and highly experienced welders can weld small and large pieces from materials including mild steel, aluminum, stainless and alloy. ​

Our 50,000psi waterjet can cut a part out of any material you have.


Machine Specs


Max Workpiece Size: 5’X10’

Positional Accuracy: 0.003”

Repeatability: 0.001”

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We use an 800Kn Horizontal Bender to achieve high levels of precision in our bending. Due to the unique nature of this machine we are able to accurately bend materials such as tubing, round bar and thick brackets that typical press brakes struggle to handle.


Machine Specs

Max Pressure: 81 Tonnes (800kN)

Max Stroke: 13’6”

Working Height: 925


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Material Parting

With the overhead bundling feature on our HydMech Bandsaw we can cut multiple pieces of material at a time, greatly improving efficiency. Furthermore, the adjustable jaw pressure allows us to part materials such as angle iron and tubing without damaging them.


Machine Specs

Max Workpiece Size: 9” X 9”

Positional Accuracy: 0.003”

Repeatability: 0.001”


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Radial Arm Drill

For cases where the required hole depth is deeper than the capacity of a typical drill press, our Radial Arm Drill can step and get the job done. ​

Machine Specs​

Max Hole Depth: ​20"

Max Hole Diameter: 2”​

Max Workpiece Size: 36"x36"